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avimas – Website of avimas think tank
the think tank for the digital transformation
der Berliner Think Tank für die digitale Transformation

avimas Round Table
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About us

Since 2005

avimas was founded in Atlanta and Berlin in 2005 as a think tank and incubator for the digital era. avimas combines a global outlook with a systemic and holistic approach.

digital transformation

avimas identifies opportunities through the analysis of the economical, technical, and social challenges inherent in the digital transformation. On this basis we create solutions for tomorrow’s markets.


Each step of the way – from the very first idea to full realization – we provide full consultant services to our clients. We apply a cybernetic feedback loop to answer clients’ questions and develop successful products.


  • Prof. Dr. Hartmut Könitz
    Prof. Dr. Hartmut Könitz Co-Founder

    Hartmut has worked with clients on digital transformation projects since the 1990s. He complements practical experience with interdisciplinary academic insights and research.

    He has built one of the first web-based support forums and consulted on earliest web presences. He also was CTO of the Berlin startup designnet.de where he developed a platform to connect creative professionals with customers. His articles for Macworld and MacUp magazines garnered him an industry-wide reputation for his ability make complex technology accessible and provide critical purchase information.

    In 2010, he was awarded a doctoral degree in Digital Media at the Georgia Institute of Technology as one of the first 5 people with a PhD in this area. Hartmut’s academic credentials include degrees in Information Science, Political Science, and Literature Studies as well as a Certificate in Media Research. In his academic capacity, Hartmut is Professor for Interactive Narrative Design at HKU University of the Arts, Utrecht.

    Hartmut’s wide-ranging knowledge provides him with a unique understanding of the interactions between invention, technological realization, and society. His research focus is on novel forms of narration as a tool for understanding and sense-making of complex realities based on the concepts of cybernetics and chaos theory.

  • Ali Gülerman
    Ali Gülerman Co-Founder

    Since Ali started his first Company in 1996 he worked as a founder and company builder in the digital Industry. His positions include managing director and CEO for leading consulting and system Integration companies in the US and Europe. He is a serial entrepreneur focusing on big data technologies and business models.

    Ali creates connections between key stakeholders in the digital ecosystem – brining together businesses, academia, venture capital, public sector and leading experts in Berlin to make the city a forerunner in an economy driven by digital communication, commerce, and big data.

    He has extensive experience in the strategic and operational management of high-growth private and public technology companies. He specializes in business intelligence to support big data analysis application strategies.

    Academic research and popular trends are the basis of business opportunities in the digital transformation. Ali spent most of the last decade translating these opportunities into sustainable businesses.

    Ali is an innovator and architect for several digital transformation projects in Europe, Asia and America.


avimas supports businesses, public institutions and non-profit organizations

in the development and realization of strategies for the digital transformation.

The digital transformation of data and communication along with the continuous development of the Internet is changing the foundations of society.

New opportunities translate into immense potential; at the same time, the transformation affects market rules as well as personal lives, which means necessary changes for businesses, their customers, and their partners.

Market participants need to evaluate and reconsider strategies, structures, enterprise culture, and processes to identify new chances and capitalize on these opportunities.



Business Analyst

Min five years experience analyzing digital transformation processes. Client-oriented. English and German fluency required


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